Tabitha Valliant

Passion II: Kyra, 36x36, acrylic on canvas

Passion II: Kyra, 36x36, acrylic on canvas
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Learning and the arts have always been Tabitha’s passions, but her journey to painting, having only begun in 2014, was very much “the Road Less Travelled”–with a resounding nod to Robert Frost. 

Tabitha is a self-taught artist who is inspired by the colour and movement of Van Gogh and Thomson, and the large florals of Georgia O’Keefe.  She seeks to convey a sense of passion, sensuality and movement in her work–which is frequently musically inspired as though in homage to her previous life as a musician and composer.  Her mixed media abstracts combine a variety of mixing, sculpting and pouring techniques in order to achieve specific textures, colours and depth. 

She feels that her greatest artistic challenge is getting out of her own head and conveying on canvas her mind’s eye.  Her greatest nemesis…time.  Tabitha currently works in education and lives in Kemptville with her two children, Isabella & Marshall, and her two house-panthers, Muffin and Marlowe.  Her work has been exhibited at various locations throughout North Grenville.  

Tabitha’s artistic vision—and life philosophy–can be found in the words of American poet, Walt Whitman: “Do I contradict myself? Very well then, I contradict myself.   I am large.  I contain multitudes.” –Leaves of Grass