Miriam Mas

Miriam Mas, a Canadian self-taught artist born in Barcelona. She began painting occasionally in her late twenties, after she moved to Ontario,  with a basic oil painting kit that her parents bought for her as a gift. But it was not until several years later, after suffering a severe work related injury that caused  her to change direction in her professional life. Using the medium of oils, she easily loses herself into each piece she produces. Her subjects vary from contemporary pieces, to animals, still life, nature scenes and day to day vistas. She is compelled to bring light into her paintings. Her goal is to live a passionate life, painting whatever surrounds her that  evokes a sentiment, an emotion, a connection, a sense of light in her life and to be one with those who choose to enjoy her artwork.

Website: www.miriammas.com


Neil Young - Portrait

Neil Young - Portrait
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9 x 12 Oil on Canvas panel