Meredith Luce

Meredith Luce stumbled into her career as a Graphic Designer through her work as a musician. She found herself creating posters, album artwork and creative merchandise for both her own music as well as collaborating with many of her peers. Design gradually became her primary focus — culminating in a diploma from the Graphic Design program at Algonquin College.

Through her studies at Algonquin, Meredith quickly identified her passion for illustration. She has since collaborated with several authors, for whom she has illustrated numerous Canadian children’s books.

In an effort to move away from the digital arts and explore traditional mediums, Meredith has spent the last several years working increasingly in acrylic paint, clay, linocut and most recently in watercolour. She has developed a distinctive illustration style which carries across each of these mediums.

When she is not busy with creative projects, Meredith spends time with her family gardening, tending to their flock of chickens, and exploring sustainable homesteading at their home in Kemptville, Ontario.

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Oxford Mills Pig Pasture

Oxford Mills Pig Pasture
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