Kenna McCall

Kenna McCall is a Merrickville-based lapidary artist, metalsmith and owner of TerrAdore Jewelry. Most of her designs are inspired by ancient Celtic/Viking cultures using traditional tools, stone and metal-smith techniques. The metal weaving technique in her Viking Knit has not changed over millennia and can be seen in 2,000 old samples in the British Museum. She also designs custom Modernist pieces in the Canadian Brutalist jewelry tradition.
Gemstones: Kenna specializes in local (Canadian Shield) and rare, single source gemstones of exceptional value and quality. She hand-mines some stones herself and procures rare stones directly from ethical prospectors. She cuts, grinds, polishes and carves these gems in her Merrickville studio.
Metalwork:  As a silversmith/metalsmith, Kenna creates settings for her custom gemstones from Sterling silver, copper and brass. Some settings are fabricated from scratch and worked using the same tools and methods as ancient jewelry-makers: hammers, anvils, natural patina’s, metal weaving, etc.
Kenna volunteers in her community and offers free art instruction/facilitation to local youth. She belongs to the Merrickville Artist Guild, the North Grenville Art Guild and the Ottawa Lapidary and Mineral Club.

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