Glenda Mosher

Glenda was born in Nova Scotia. She has had the distinct pleasure of living in seven Canadian provinces. The study of music and art, have been her lifelong passion. After living five years in the spectacular Yukon Territory, Glenda has returned to the Ottawa area.

Inspired by the landscape outside her door, and charmed with the commonplace things of life, Glenda’s paintings capture the essence of these moments. She works in diverse styles – choosing that which best captures her imagination.

Intent on painting with acrylic, she has been pushing the boundaries of this medium for several years, often using printmaking techniques and surface texture to create innovative works.

In 2013, Glenda’s painting “Light Rustles on the Cabin”, received the Northwestel Directory Cover Art Award for the Yukon Territory. Glenda Mosher’s work can be found hanging on Parliament Hill, Ottawa, ON, and in private collections in Canada and the UK.

Tossed Salad

Tossed Salad
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10x10 acrylic