Volunteer Positions and Duties

Membership CoordinatorRose David

                                  Receive and document new members. Provide mebership cards and                                           provide the treasurer with dues submitted.

Show and Event CoordinatorJim Moran  

                                 Coordinate all aspects of art shows and sales

Outreach Coordinator – Miriam Mas

                                  Arrange for showing art in local establishments

Speaker CoordinatorTammy Keith  

                               Arrange for speakers and workshops

Webmaster and Facebook EditorMeredith Luce

Official PhotographerDebra Simpson

By-Laws Committee  and Nominating CommitteeLeabeth Harding

                              Review the Constitution annualy and act as the nominating committe for                               the election of officersReview the Constitution annualy and act as the                                       nominating committe for the election of officers

Refeshments CommitteeDebra Simpson
                              Arrange for coffee/tea and goodies at meeting.

Youth program – Ian Sterling
                            Laision with local schools to promote youth involvement in the Guild

Marketing--Sandy Armstrong
                           Obtain sponsors and and local establishments for displaying artwork                                for Guild members

Grid Rentals– Tammy Keith

                           see under Services